Woodcraft Artisans

We have partnered with a reforestation project and furniture maker out of Nicaragua. We are passionate about sustainability and design. We responsibly harvest precious hardwoods to make beautiful, timeless and long lasting furniture. During this time, we have worked hand in hand with entrepreneurs and visionaries, combining our team’s skills in craftsmanship, product design, architecture, timber, metal manufacturing and upholstery to solve problems and create solutions inspired by nature, heritage, culture and sustainability. Most of our projects are built using wood from our own groups plantations, agroforestry systems and fallen hardwood trees. 


At the heart of every usable art piece is the desire to address the needs of our customers by transforming wood into beautiful products. Our artisans are storytellers, but instead of words we use our materials to create products that capture the essence of our clients. Results could be anything from a unique reception desk to a line of cutting boards, or a prefabricated roof structure to a set of bespoke armchairs. We have the design and technical capacity to work on furniture manufacturing as well as millwork projects, architecture and complete turnkey solutions. Our products are the result of the design skills, quality and experience of our team of designers and artisans who are constantly coming up with new materials and concepts. Either with our own designs or working hand in hand with external designers, our goal is to achieve 100% client satisfaction.