Masaya Cotton Weavers

Has been declared a National Cultural Heritage, for its historical and social worth and for the ancestral tradition that has been standing more than 300 years. Since 2017 we have cooperated with Masaya cotton weavers to make contemporary collections made with millenary techniques. Through various associations with local and worldwide organizations, we presently impact the lives of more than 40 artisans, creating a sustainable source of income and breaking the cycles of poverty in Nicaragua. 


Our hammocks are 100% handmade with Manila Cotton, and all of the materials used for its elaboration are sourced in Central America. Every hammock takes between 2-4 days to make from start to finish, and when completed they experience a thorough quality control check. You can be sure that these are some of the finest hammocks in the world. We guarantee you that you're getting an exceptional piece of art that is made by one of our remarkable workers.


“We connect artisans with global markets to create a sustainable source of income." 


Alberto Flores is a member of our talented team of artisans in Masaya, Nicaragua.

According to Alberto: "Macrame is my inspiration, when I start weaving it´s like the world stops and I´m in my own world, then when I get home, my daughter welcomes me with a big hug and says 'I´ve missed you daddy' that´s the best feeling in the world to me".

For Alberto, Macrame is an art that he uses to express his creativity, his passion for his work and his love for his family, since he knows that the effort invested in every piece returns to him in the shape of a smile on their faces.