Our 2020 Review

This year was full of progression, failures, but overall learning experiences. We want to share with you our milestones and moments that we lived in this 2020, which was a year of challenges for everyone.


The most important thing for us as a company is to be able to help Nicaraguan artisans by exposing their talent to the world and giving them the recognition they deserve.

We started the year with a team of 5 artisans, one woodcraft artisan, two macrame weavers, a sculptor and a painter. We are more than happy to end the year working hand in hand with over 76 artisans.

Our artisans are the reason we love what we do. Their way of facing the day to day motivates us to work hard to give them a fair salary and a stable job. We can proudly say that our products are 100% handmade with the love of men and women who dedicate their time and effort to provide you with the best quality.


Apart from our talented team of artisans, we also grew this year in our internal team of collaborators.

We started the year with only our founder and an accountant, and we ended up being a great family with a Marketing, Operations, Photography and Video, Administration and Finance team, all working with the same goal in mind.


In 2021 we hope to grow even more in our team of artisans and provide more job opportunities to those who want to be part of our family.

We are committed to the production of quality products and we plan to expand our product diversity, providing new designs to stand out in your home. We hope to have your support to reach our goal this year and continue to grow as a company and family.