Macrame: The Key To Reduce Stress


It is no secret that we all live in a world where being stressed is considered normal. Our responsibilities and concerns lead us to have a hectic life where we must meet deadlines and the expectations of our families, friends, bosses, co-workers, etc.

Having “everything up to date” in our personal and work life seems like an impossible mission because everything must be done quickly, resulting in not finishing an activity when we´re already thinking on what´s next on the to-do list.

It is a world where there is rarely time to recover from any illnes, and taking a rest is the last option. Several studies confirm that stress is a defense mechanism that your body creates in the face of a problem, and it can manifest itself in various ways through illness, nausea, pain, and even depression; Therefore, even though stress is important for survival, we must be careful not to push the limits.


One way is to find an activity that allows us to get out of the stress of everyday life, something that makes us relax and recharge to continue with a positive attitude.

Some people choose to play sports, go out with friends, watch a movie, play board games, etc; However, we believe there´s a specific activity that´s perfect for treating this condition: Macrame.


In addition to being visually appealing, spectacular pieces and unique designs can be created. Macrame has a very interesting effect that anyone who´s been a victim of stress will find helpful.

Many know macrame is the technique of weaving using decorative knots; However, few people know that it works as a therapy for stress. How? You may wonder, well it´s doing a repetitive activity that helps you keep your mind focused and put your worries aside.

There are studies where relaxation is described as product of repetition. Repeating words, phrases, sentences, postures, breaths or activities can relax you.

Macrame is an excellent example of this, because in the process the patterns are repeated and you do the same thing over and over again, especially if you want to create large weavings or several copies of some design in particular.

Macrame really has a huge impact on health. You become present to the moment and forget time, you´re focused and you become one with the activity of weaving.