How To Install Your Macrame Hanging Swing

One of the most frequent questions we receive is regarding how the installation process of any of our hanging products is, whether they are baby swings, chairs, cribs, double swings, plant hangers, etc.

Besides receiving our products, we want you to have a guide to install that beautiful decorative element that will be your macrame product.

In this case, we will focus more on a type of ceiling with wood beams inside, which is the most common North American ceiling.


The first thing you should do is decide how much space you want to leave for the person who uses it to swing, whether they are babies, children or adults. When it comes to a baby swing, we recommend to leave 90 cm from the swing to the back wall, and if the product is a hanging chair, 120 cm can work perfectly. For this you can use a tape measure like the one we will show you below:

For the second step we will be using a Stud Finder to find a wooden beam inside the ceiling that will hang the hook. You must remember that the hook has to be strong enough to hold 3 times its weight.

If you want a more fun experience, we recommend using a swivel hook, as it helps you swing effortlessly, you just have to sit on it and let it sway.

For homes with ceilings that are too high, you can get a link chain so you can define how high you want to place it in a safe way. If you have any questions about security, we recommend you contact an expert.

Once we have located our wooden beam, we will use a drill bit to drill 4 holes inside the beam. We present a few models of drills that you could use:


The next thing we will do is screw the lag screws and twist them inside the holes we just made.

If you use a chain to shorten the distance from your swing to the floor, the next step will be hanging the chain on the carabiner.

The final step will be hanging swing, crib, or chair on the S-hook and you´re ready to enjoy and decorate your home with a beautiful hanging macrame product.

If you already have any of our macrame products but don't know where to install them, in this blog we share our best recommendations of places where it would look spectacular.