Herrera Family - 50 years of tradition

We want to share with you an inspirational story about a family of artisans in Masaya, Nicaragua that has been practicing the art of Macrame for 50 years.


It all started when Doña Consuelo, the mother of 4 talented artisans that make up the workshop, sold costume jewelery in Masaya´s market at the age of 19. Doña Consuelo knew that she had to find a new source of income to support her children, so she decided to join a group of artisans who created beautiful pieces of art near where she sold her products.

Little by little she became an artisan recognized for her creativity and attention to detail in each piece. With the money raised she started her own workshop in the backyard of her house, which allowed her to financially support her children in a better way.

As her children grew they got involved in macrame too, as she taught them the importance of honest work from a very young age. According to Doña Consuelo: "I wanted my children to learn from a young age to be hard-working and honest people, and that they understood how difficult it is to maintain a home, so I am proud to see them continue this tradition".


Now all the Herreras work together in the same workshop providing Nica Made with spectacular pieces and designs. We are very grateful to Doña Consuelo for cultivating this beautiful tradition over the years and for trusting us to be an economic support for her family.

All the items made by the Herrera family are available in our Macrame collections.