Best Places to Hang Your Macrame Swing

Our Macrame swings are comfortable for your baby and versatile for your home, without a doubt its bohemian style, white fabrics and finely crafted wooden bars give a unique touch to any room. However, today we want to show you the spaces of your home in which we asure a macrame swing would look perfect.


There is no better way to decorate your room than with a swing that your children can use every time they want to read a book, watch television or just sit and play for a while. It´s perfect for children or teenagers, its weight capacity is up to 80 kg (175 pounds) and it has extremely strong wooden bars.


In the special room for your little one, you can not miss a swing so you can enjoy a moment of relaxation and fun. It is always good for a baby to vary from being in his crib and new experiences as he grows, so we recommend the integration of this beautiful element that also makes a nice decoration in the room.


If you want your little one to have fun like never before in his playroom, a macrame swing is what you need. Get ready to have more laughs, memories and unique moments as soon as you install it. You will not be able to get him off his swing.


Let your baby enjoy a cool breeze outside while swinging on his favorite hammock chair. Having this beautiful swing in your patio will make your visits compliment the magnificent decorative style of your home.


The living room is a place created to spend time together as a family. Sitting for a while and talking about how everyone's day has been are priceless moments. Now imagine that same scenario with your kids laughing on their little macrame swing. Adding one of these to your living room will add that "handmade" touch to your entire home.


Adding a swing to your work area is a great way to stay close to your little angel and enjoy time together while getting work done.

Although in our opinion these are the best places to hang your swing, you can get creative and place them wherever you want, they are perfectly versatile to look good anywhere and give more life to any room.

It´s a fact that your baby will love his swing and you will love all the fun and unique moments that can be experienced in it. Where would you hang your swing?